Sunday, November 14, 2010

My very own creation... A short film... PROJECT LEADER...

Don’t lead a good life… Lead a great one…

Leading a life of regrets, waking up everyday and cursing yourself because you are looking forward to a routine, dull, boring, monotonous day ahead, doing a job you are not meant for but you are doing it just for the money, bearing insults from people  when you know deep down inside that you deserve better.

The above mentioned complex of signs are something many people face everyday. What do we do about it??? Nothing.  That’s where most of the people continue to drown themselves into this pit of depression and self regret.
From now on ask yourselves… what the hell is this??? Why should I continue to do this when I know that I deserve better. Why I should I stay silent while I am mocked at by everyone??If you suffer with these complex of signs its time to realize that you can change it all and make your everyday living worthwile. Instead of waking up to a tasteless day, you will be waking up to a spicy energetic and beautiful day.

To achieve this first you need to sit with a clear mind and think. Think about what you’ve always dreamed of doing. You may have dreamed of doing many things. Decide which of these things is best for you . it is upto you to decide the best path for you. no one is going to tell with a cent percent confidence that a particular job/career/ course/decision  will be good for you. You and you alone can make the best judgement from a list of choices which you have dreamed of doing.

Once you have decided what is best for you. Make it your Aim. Tell yourself “I badly need this and I must be willing to sacrifice anything to achieve this target.” Start working on it. Do not deviate yourselves. Get ready to give your 200 percent towards achieving your goal. Ignore all factors which tend to pull you off your path towards attaining a life which is completely in your control. Remember if you think you can, you can.

A main obstacle to your aims and ambitions is the words of people around you. It is a part of everyday life to interact with people around you. Interaction and inter-personal relations are the foundations for any society.  But on this journey towards your dream. People will mock you, lie to you or even worse Dump you if you are in a relationship. It is imperative that you keep your head cool and think straight inspite of horrible setbacks caused by people and their words. Just tell yourself that these people will not have the courage to stand before you when you burn midnight oil and make your dreams come true.

Following your dream and achieving what you have always dreamed of gives you the ultimate satisfaction.It’s not the money you’ve amassed over the years, one night stands, drugs or alcohol that make your life more enjoyable.  It is the respect you have earned by the work and service you have done that will make you be remembered and cherished by everyone around you. This respect will be earned if you do your job successfully. To enjoy the taste of success you need to do your job whole heartedly. Doing your job whole heartedly requires you to think of your job not as a burden, not as something you do just to earn money. Choose a job that you’ve dreamed of doing all your life. This job will automatically bring out the best in you because it was your dream and you worked for it and you feel at home when you do that particular job.Whenever you feel at home doing a job that you dreamed of  you will excel in it no matter what comes in your way.

On a closing note, I would like to say.

Fulfill your dreams.  
Live up to every moment
Achieve your goals.
Earn self respect.
Then your life will not be a good one… It will be a great one.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin tarantino, director, screen writer, producer, actor and cinematographer.
According to me his movies may be the best movies i might have ever seen.

The most interesting thing and a style you see in Tarantino's movies, is a non linear style of story narration. The movie literally begins in the middle or ironically at the climax and the rest of  movie is about getting the rest  of the pieces together. Even though this style of narration may be juvenile or different or even irritating to hear, the contrary feeling is the true feeling we experience when we watch the movie.  However there are exceptions to this style of narration. Death proof is more of routinely narrated story but unique in its own way.

Another thing is the blood and gore, there's plenty of it. Tarantino's movies are all about aestheticisation of violence. Some sequences are pretty graphic to be seen by young audiences, but its not like one of those movies where you see blood through out the movie the portrayal is more dramatic than just showing violence for the fun of it.

Last but not the least is the wonderful background scores he uses. In the Pulp fiction soundtrack collectors special edition CD there is an interview by Tarantino in which he mentions his interest to blend music to a particular part of the movie convey the message on screen to the audience. He considers it as an important and integral part of the movie, from the display of the intial credits to the grand finale you sometimes tend to think that the movie is a musical.

All in all Tarantino does it like a true professional. His movies are worth every penny of the movie goers money. No matter what, entertainment is guaranteed in a Tarantino movie.

Watch those movies and give your opinions.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hello frnds

Hello everyone... Welcome to my blog. Please feel free to comment and express your views regarding the topics posted.

Independence??? really are you kidding me???

63 years of independence... Wow!!! thats pretty cool right... do you really think so???

Lets decide shall we...

We are the worlds largest economy after USA, China and japan, the worlds largest democracy, the country with the worlds second largest army, 5th largest navy and the 4th largest airforce. The founder of sun microsystems, the creator of the intel pentium chip which is on every computer in every home, office, net cafe etc the founder of hotmail... they are all indians. We have 2 men in the list of  the worlds top 10 richest men and a woman in the list of the worlds top 10 richest women.

On the other hand we still discriminate people on the basis of caste in the fields of education, employment, politics etc etc. We still think going to a governement related office to get a job done is a big headache. We have to bribe the asses of the people from the level of a peon to the level of a high ranking officer. We still think that having a female child enter the family is the beginning of the end of the family. We struggle to get a couple of medals in the Olympics while our neighbor china who has just 20 crore more people does much better in the Olympics. Where do the thousands of crores of our country's budget go instead of assisting in brightening the future of our country.We planned the common wealth games at delhi to match the Beijing Olympics but we are far from even reaching those objectives. Why dont politicians sincerely think about the good of the people atleast once??? We  build huge buildings a visual testament to the development we have brought, but the worker who builds the building still lives in a makeshift hut.

I dont wish to criticize anyone but think... think... even though we have many things to be proud about, we cant lend a deaf ear to the problems we face. I am not telling you all this as a reason not to be proud of your country. We all are proud citizens of our country, i couldnt agree even more. But take a moment of your time and do your part to solve the problems India faces today.

Jai hind